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Books available now

Technical Writing

Technical Writing: Principles, Strategies, and Readings.
8th ed. Longman, Pearson Education

This guide to writing on the job combines 16 chapters explaining professional communication strategies, models illustrating some 60 types of business documents, and 12 short articles on effective communication in the workplace written by practicing professionals. Topics covered include organization, report writing, instructions, oral communication, correspondence, and job hunting strategies. An appendix provides guidelines for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Longman, Pearson Education.

The Rescue and Romance

The Rescue and Romance: Popular Novels Before World War I
Popular Culture Books, University of Wisconsin Press

This study analyzes how writers from colonial America to the World War I years used the
rescue convention to structure their novels, especially the romantic plotline. The
rescue in fiction counts as one of life’s main events, ranking with birth, death, and
marriage. Included in the list of 50 novels discussed are westerns, domestic stories,
colonial adventures, and male action stories from authors as diverse as Henry
James, Jack London, and Louisa May Alcott.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and University of Wisconson, Popular Culture Books.

The Educator’s Writing Handbook

The Educator’s Writing Handbook
Allyn & Bacon, now Longman, Pearson Education

This practical guide to effective communication is suited to educators at all levels. The handbook covers such topics as organizing information, speaking to various audiences, report writing, communicating with parents, administrators, school staff, and the public. Some 55 models show sample meeting minutes, agendas, school newsletters, guidance reports, mission statements, announcements, and correspondence with administrators, school staff, and community members. Also included are guidelines for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Each chapter ends in a tip for effective, smooth writing style.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Other books

  • Business and Technical Writing: An Annotated Bibliography of Books, l880-l980. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press.

  • Margaret Deland. Twayne United States Authors Series. Boston: G.K. Hall & Co.

  • The Blakemore Touch. New York: Silhouette Books.


Complete Comparisons:

For a strong sentence comparing two objects or actions, identify both fully in the sentence. Do not rely on the reader to finish the comparison in his/her mind.

No: The Washburn Clinic is better equipped.
Yes: The Washburn Clinic is better equipped than the Burnside Health Center.

No: Driving to Seattle takes longer.
Yes: Driving to Seattle takes longer than driving to Boise.

Careful Word Choice:

amount/number—Use amount when the quantity of the item is in bulk and cannot be counted. Use number when the quantity of the item can be separated and counted.

• A large amount of snow blocked the driveway.
• A number of complaints about the new system came to our attention.